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          Election 2004

             U.S. Election Process

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Congressional Research Reports
Other Reports
Campaign Finance
Caucuses and Primaries
Electoral College

          Political Parties/Candidates

Democratic Party
Republican Party
Third Parties
Contact Information for Candidates

          Election Calendar

Calendar of Elections & Major Political Events
Direct Links to Calendars and Schedules of Presidential Candidates
State Primary Dates


Political Resources - Polling Sources - Project Vote Smart

The Gallup Organization
The Polls, the Pundits, and the Elections of 2004 by John Zogy

          Foreign Policy

Campaign 2004: Foreign Policy in the Presidential Election - Council on Foreign Relations
Foreign Policy Magazine - Special Report: If I Were President....[March/April 2003]
The Role of Foreign Policy - A Council on Foreign Relations Panel Discussion, January 14, 2004

          Elections Trivia

How Did Republicans Pick the Elephant, and Democrats the Donkey, to Represent Their Parties?
Political Resources - Political Trivia - Project Vote Smart
President Elect - Trivia

          Other Sites

Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections
CNN - America Votes 2004
Democracy in Action: 2004 Race for the White House
Elections...the American Way - Library of Congress
FindLaw Legal News - Election 2004 coverage
George Washington University - Media: Covering the Campaign
New York Times - Campaigns - articles on the candidates & events of the 2004 race
NewsBank - Presidential Campaign 2004
Politics1 - Presidency 2004 - one-stop shopping for information on the 2004 race
The Use of Blogs in the 2004 Presidential Election.
U.S. Elections - U.S. Department of State, International Information Programs
U.S. Federal Election Commission - enforcement of laws regulating campaign funds
 - 2004 elections, campaigns, government & politics
WatchBlog - multiple-editor weblog broken up into three major political affiliations
Wayback Machine - collection of Election 2000 web sites from the past